Leather Sofa Reupholstered

Sometimes, a certain piece of furniture is so well-made and so prized that the idea of parting with it after many, many years of comfortable use is unthinkable! That was the case for one of our customers, the owner of the fine leather sofa shown below. The beautifully crafted piece had wear and damage that needed to be remedied. The cost of a suitable quality replacement far outweighed the cost of reupholstery in this case. Our task was to stay as true to the original color and tufting as was possible. The result of our work is shown below.



If you have leather or fabric furniture that needs to be reupholstered, contact Parris Restorations by email for an estimate. You can also call us at 718-479-7851. Parris Restorations offers skilled workmanship and on-site repair of residential and commercial furniture that has been damaged from shipping, moves and from use over time.